eBridge Connections Introduces New Back-Office Integration Blueprint Workbook, Your Easy-to-Use Workbook for Designing and Planning an Accounting to eCommerce or EDI Integration.

Back-Office Integration Blueprint WorkBook

Download your free copy today and walk through a step-by-step planning tool for designing and mastering back-office accounting/ERP integration.

eBridge Connections, an iPaaS vendor specializing in accounting integrations for the midsize market, today announced the release of a new Back-Office Integration Blueprint Workbook. This workbook, available immediately for free download, was created with one goal in mind: To help sellers design their ideal blueprint for accounting integration to share with their internal team as a first step in connecting business systems that are important to their selling process.

For the past several years, eBridge Connections has been helping businesses worldwide design their hybrid system integrations with the help of an online ‘Blueprint Builder’ tool. Now, eBridge is going a stride further and offering businesses a step-by-step workbook that breaks down the components of the Blueprint Builder in an easy-to-navigate process that any seller can follow along with.

“At eBridge Connections, we’re excited to offer this educational resource which will allow sellers to better understand the steps involved in setting up a back-office integration,” says eBridge Connections Sr. Marketing Manager, Lindsay Hampson. “We designed this workbook as an option for business owners, IT Managers, Operations Managers, or any other employee hoping to walk into their next meeting and show the rest of their coworkers how an accounting integration solution can help their company grow and succeed.”

Download your Back-Office Integration Blueprint Workbook today to:

·         Assess how your systems and applications are currently communicating

·         Identify which important business systems your business is running and discover how integration can make them more effective.

·         Select the workflows that make sense for your back-office integration (i.e. inbound orders, outbound shipping notices, inbound inventory updates, etc.)

·         Delve into the data fields that are important for each workflow integrated (i.e. Bill-to address, quantity shipped, SKU number, buyer email address, shipping price, etc.).

·         View real-life examples of other sellers who have simplified their business processes with back-office integration.

·         Learn how to sign up to be an official Blueprint Member and join the thousands of retailers who have designed their back-office integrations for eCommerce and EDI.

To download your free copy of the Back-Office Integration Blueprint Workbook, please visit: http://www.ebridgeconnections.com/backofficeworkbook 

Source: eBridge Connections