Sage Authorizes eBridge Connections' Listing on Sage Marketplace Following the Development of Their Robust Sage X3 Integration Solution

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With the recent development and approval of their Sage X3 connector, eBridge Connections now boasts reliable connectors for all of Sage's leading accounting/ERP applications.

eBridge Connections' today announces that their integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) was certified by Sage X3 this month, and is now listed on Sage's Marketplace. This announcement means that customers who want to integrate their hybrid applications with Sage X3 can do so easily, and they don't need to be developers!

With the development of their Sage X3 connector, eBridge Connections has further expanded their repertoire of integration solutions for Sage accounting/ERP packages. This means eBridge Connections' inventory of pre-built connectors now comprises Sage X3, 50, 100, 300, 500, BusinessWorks, and BusinessVision.

"Our platform is a consistent solution for ERP consultants to use as their go-to for Sage integration requests. The new Sage X3 connector is the latest addition to a whole library of other reusable ERP, eCommerce, CRM and EDI connectors ready for partners and customers to make use of."

Mark Gladwish, Manager of Product Development

A long-term eBridge Connections employee is proudly wearing a Sage t-shirt around the office today in celebration of the good news. The eBridge Connections Sage Integration app, now featured on the Sage Marketplace, connects Sage Software with all of the leading eCommerce platforms, CRM applications, EDI trading partners, and other important business systems.

An eBridge Connections end-to-end Sage integration solution enables sales orders, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, customer information, and more to move seamlessly between business systems, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations. The platform is ready for business users to leverage out of the box, by design. To help get customers up and running fast, eBridge has a great onboarding team. They can quickly take the reusable Sage X3 connector, and activate the workflows needed by the Sage X3 customer.

As Sage Software continues to be a top choice for businesses across North America and the rest of the world, eBridge Connections is excited to stay on top of new product releases by Sage and continue to develop and expand their universal integration platform with an ever-growing list of Sage connectors that are all built and maintained in-house.

eBridge Connections is attending Sage Summit Toronto today, through Wednesday. If you're on-site, message us on Twitter at We'd love to meet you in person. #sagesummit

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